everyone’s hiding things these days…

What a weird news story. Of all the hidden messages a politician can relay. Relayed in the most cryptic of fashions. Sent to all those twitter followers to be picked up by right wing news sources paying attention. Hardly any plausible deniability to fall back on. Impeach him, I say. Paul Gosar has to go!

Though, I have one second thought. How many members of congress are there — 435? Eccentricity needs to pop up somewhere in there. Democracy needs representation for everyone. Everyone! And, to paraphrase that Johnson era Senator — don’t the needs need representation too? Does everyone need to be a stuffed suit, the topper of the popper?

So send in the clowns! Quilt together the tapestry of the lunatic fringe! Unless there gets to be too many of them. Is he, in the end, maybe even right? Retweet it. Run it up the flagpole. Everyone’s doing it; the president included. Let’s just… slide ourselves in… accommodate to the new era.

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