Let’s just say…

“I think he’s doing a good job.” (Marsha Durbin, in Trump t-shirt at Chicago Trump and anti-Trump get togethers).  “We would have globalism without him.  And thank god he’s here addressing the violence problem.”

Leave aside the second matter, where we run into the problem where they’ve been addressing the problems here in River City, “Chiraq” they nicknamed it after all, for a while now and an unwanted politician steps in to make political hay — makes some matters of candor sometimes hard. It’s the first matter I don’g quite understand.  “We would have globalism without him.”  Trade agreements re-nogotiated, troops moved about — somehow “globalism” remains.  What does that even mean?

Let’s just say.  The Democratic House impeaches Trump.  As they, I guess, are set to do.  Steve Scailaise’s re-enactment of the Big 2000 Florida vote delay and various leftist campus disruptions notwithstanding.  Let’s say.  The Republican Senate does its cursory dismissal — slight mixed signals from Senate Majority Leader McConnell on how thoroughly he’ll be going through the motions — is he going through the motions or going through the motions of going through the motions — spiking things up with some theater of another Scalise picket stomping?  Let’s say we then have that impeached not convicted President Trump.

Who is then re-elected.  Popular votes again going Democrat, but Minnesota and Pennsylvania come through for him.  Let’s say those Texas and California suburban districts prove a firewall from whatever midwest districts flipped to the Democrats in 2018 but go to Trump’s election win in 2020 — Democrats retain the House.  Let’s say the Senate still stays Republican, as the only scenario the Democrats are winning it is with a Democratic Presidential win.  Status quo remains.  Except for a re-elected Impeached President with the party that impeached him remaining in their position of Congressional majority.

Four more years.

Two years for some shiny new object to emerge for the Democrats, apparently what gets elected is that which gulps up all available media oxygen.
… unless there’s some template of political template that can be created or re-created.  I had though Hillary Clinton 2016 would be roughly George Bush 1988 — which is a tough one to figure.  As it were, The New York Times has a letters to the editor section full of wistful Democrats throwing their “white knight” saviors out — Al Gore, Al Franken, Oprah Winfrey… Judge Judy wants Michael Bloomberg.  We got that.

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