what they’re all saying

On every damned telephone pole …

(Are they still called “Telephone Poles”?)

… I see someone tacked a piece of paper, directing you to a website or other.  Something like… www. theforeigngold dot com.

It’s, I suppose, where you go to find “The Real Scoop” about… the foreign gold.  Or whatever.

After an extended absence, a couple new Trump missives slotted into the trio of free papers (WW, PM, PT)… or, some play on flatulence, masturbation, the color orange… Same as the lasst one, same as the next one.  Maybe the creators of this thing sense that it’s time to re-up considering …

… more intriguingly, somewhere out of the way, not in the center of the city, some people are on the roadside waving flags with “Impeach Trump” things.  They better be careful about the flag… as we well know, antifa figures consider it a fascist symbol.  (Maybe we’re obliged to go with the post election word flag thingy?)

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