the ridiculous

I… think… the “5 Year Anniversary” magazine commemorating or… something (?) the fifth year anniversary of Robin Williams’s suicide has gone through its impulse buy slot at the grocery store… to be bumped in by —

Well, we do have the 25th anniversary “Friends” magazine up.  Nostalgia.  Some people are nostalgic for a favorite comfy sitcom (that … what?  Stopped airing new episodes a decade ago?  In May in a couple years, will there be a 15th anniversary of Friends cancellation?  And would it be the same magazine, same “leaf through” material… with the slightly different title?)

Is 5 years too soon, or can we have a 2 year anniversary magazine for something?  (There’s the Obama commemoration magazines — just for someone sighing past magazine covers about Trump — identical I suppose to those released just after he left office… and put out by the same outfits that released the “McCain Commemoration” magazines…)

Is… the anniversary of the Death of the Twinkee magazine coming to us, or did they replenish a renewal too soon for this one?

In other notes, The National Inquirer has a new suspect for who killed Kennedy.  Though I don’t think it’s John but Bobby.  The killer’s apparently not Ted Cruz’s dad this time out.

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