bush and biden

The comment “I think I prefer President Trump to President Bush” is a good way to annoy anyone and everyone, for reasons not quite able to put one’s finger on.  Part of the reaction may be presentism — an affect both rational and irrational in equal measure — as, well… yesterday is over, and why relitigite the Hoover Administration?  Part of the reaction is it implies something — anything at all — positive, even by comparison’s sake.

(We’ll see if the limited isolationalist military posturing blows up in smokes, as with Trump and his Fox News habit and his base voters, it always feels like it has the potential to any minute.   I see liberal blogosphereland giddy about a Rand Paul / Mitt Romney split, or Hannity / Carlson … but I’m thinking I miss the damnable chantings of the handful of Friday protesters marching as they did during Obama years “US Out of Afghanistan.  Can We Do It?  Yes We Can” — these days mostly seemingly focused on the Mexican border (with the standby of the guy with the Israel / Palestine sign), because…

I ponder whether or not if one to wear a “Biden for President” button, you’d get a similar effect.  It’s notable that as I sit here, I see no uprising of support for any candidate — save a couple of people coming out of a “Yang” event, and I doubt Yang’s getting even Kucinich level traction hereabouts.  (Though maybe he is?)  No one’s plopping down on anyone… though my guess is no one hereabouts would be plopping down on Biden.  Not a MAGA hat, sure, but just kind of irritating nonetheless.

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