The Washington Monthly humanizes the president and tries to stoke my personal grievance by demonizing a personal foible that I share with him.  (Not the first time for this affect… see, dietry habits.)  Should I apologize for not laughing more?

What to make of Joseph Biden’s latest fabricated story?  To some extent, they all seem to do it…

Sure, but it would be better if Chelsea Clinton indeed did say that Satanism deserves respect.

Why Soviets Sent Dogs to Space While Americans Used Primates

Macron tries to get Trump to do the right thing, and backs Trump into talking with Iranian official about renewing the Nuclear Deal.
… I suppose some cosmetic changes for the Iran “art of the deal”… cover

Plants can take-up microplastics – should we be happy about it? [new study]

At the moment my best guess is Trump loses the next election, but the political analysis here is all wrong:  it’s not about “winning the Jewish vote” (after all, neo-nazis support him and they’re sensitive to refugee and migrant treatment), it’s about winning a batch of the Jewish vote (after all, the Squad is shirky to Israel’s right to defend itself).  The 10 point drop off from Obama 08 to 12 is significant, ain’t it?



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