on the eve of destruction

The funny thing … George W Bush swung the Muslim vote in 2000.  And why the hell not?  A small “c” conservativism uncomfortable with some tenants of the “gay lifestyle”, and hey — who’s that on the backhalf of the Democratic ticket and what’s he think of Israel again?…

Then again, how is it Trump unites some anti-semitic spewers of “alt right” land with the hawkish Lukid government in Israel?  Things unite, then fall apart.

So, in response to Donald Trump’s racist comment — we are dumped with the responses — clip various comments made by the members of the “Squad” — double back to highlight their unpopularity with members of the electorate (and, yes, Nancy Pelosi is right: they wouldn’t win outside their districts), declare this as brilliant strategy — Trump will now be running against these four, not the actual Democratic nominee.  And did you see that comment made by the Boston congresswoman?  Isn’t that something?  Did we mention polling shows them to be unpopular?

Trump walks into a rally.  They chant to lock her up — I mean deport her — or thereabouts — and, by the way, this Atlantic headline … Trump Supporters Don’t Make Chants About Men — nay, they’re busy back curating Biden groping Biden images for Trump to retweet…. after a bit of Republican buttheading, Trump suggests he tried to calm the crowd and made quick galloping talk-overs.  Surely he jests.

Question:  How does it all play over in some weird parts of Pennsylvania Coal Country?  That’s all that matters.  And quit being a pundit, armchair pundit voter.

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