the culture wars suck.

Hate Group Monitors beg to differ against…

… one time Backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  (One Year Wonder who then lost his job to Blaine Gabbert.)

Even if, of course, I’m stuck at the thought: they also like Jane Austen.  Where are we going with this?

I flick open the Willamette Week to see this gloating piece about the lack of sales fallout in any reaction to the Kaepernick veto of Betsy Ross.  It cites Kaepernick as an authority for this bit of information.  For some reason.

Multiple reports traced the decision to objections raised by activist Nike pitchman Colin Kaepernick, who warned that the design had been co-opted by hate groups that express nostalgia for the nation before slavery was abolished.

I will note that the response — “Hypocrisy”, with the photograph of Barack Obama in front of a bunch of historical flags — is false.  Barack Obama is not Colin Kaepernick — Kapernick, famously, did not vote in the 2016 election (you’d have to ask about the two previous elections.)

Also noted in the WW… a plug for a “Drag Story Hour” at Powells, which they posit in political terms as against the reactionaries who made some events a news event and controversy.

We don’t normally cover children’s storytimes in the hallowed pages of this newspaper, but since a bunch of reactionaries are freaking out about it in the national media, it seems worth pointing out that Powell’s is hosting its first Drag Queen Story Hour.  The family friendly event features […] Here’s hopeing the next generation has more liberated views about gender than this one.  Sheesh.

Don’t know about the Portland controversy.  The one that did reach my conciousness was the the Drag Queen Reading in the Los Angeles public library, who… those reactionaries looking in the background found out to be a pedophile.  Unforced error for “Team Woke”, methinks.

The more immediate problem I had with that one was… it did not look like the right drag queen for the kiddies.  It’s where I spot in one of those “litany of outrageous comments” for your Alex Jones –ranting about demonic drag queens indoctrinating kids into satanic rituals, and I know what he was talking about — the drag queen reader looked like he belonged to GWAR or someone opening for Marilyn Manson more then… Gorgeous George or whoever it is I wouldn’t care if you took your kids to see.

And so the WW ends up “Hopefully the next generation will be more liberated”… or, maybe be more circumspect in their liberation than the liberated that we have right now?

(The image I see of the Drag Queen Storytellers in Portland earn a “meh”.  I wouldn’t have cared for it and would have sat bored, marking time, perhaps escaping the drudgery in my imagination of my mind.)

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