standard fringe political activism

In transaction, I find myself with three one dollar bills who… someone has inscribed on the back, “Q Anon” — all obliterating the large “ONE” word.

Not all that interesting.  A decade ago and the same person defacing this dollar bill would have been inscribing it with “”.  But what I find curious…

… they mark right over the “all seeing eye”.

What’s the symbolism that they are reaching for there?  Is it that the all seeing eye — Illuminati — is being obfuscated by the power of “Q-Anon”?  Or … eclipsed?  (If that’s the intention, it is a point of one force getting jacked by another, isn’t it?  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.)

Or is this still supposed to be attached to the nefarious actions of the Illuminati?  Light?  Ha!  Darkness!

I need the director’s commentary on this one.

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