I… drink… your milkshake!

Flinting past, I saw they were giving away free vegan milkshakes.  I think it was over by the time I was flinting past, or rather in a stage of restocking.  I take the “Free Vegan Milkshakes … No Nazis” to be a curious ideological construct.

According to the cops, someone might possibly have stuck quick making cement in it, so I suppose that’s why when someone threw a cup at someone, it warranted a beat down of all in the nearby vicinity.

… the one event told to me by someone I know who went in waving a sign.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the sign he was waving was incoherent — plausibly funny if it was actually connected to something I can identify with on this scene.

He told me that the Proud Boys — a group of 20 or so — were there “hiding behind the police”.  I don’t have the heart to suggest that, never mind the reprehensible nature of their politics, and besides them having committed gross atrocities (Cider Riot on May Day), this, narrowly speaking, speaks well of them.

The Oregonian ran for its “story” on the event, on Sunday, a grouping of photographs — black scarved peoples marching, followed by the “HimToo” speaker (Proud Boys Lady Auxiliary, I think it is?), and a photo of the violent attack on Andy Ngo (antifa wanting to maintain an equivalence)*, and a man holding a towel to his face… and then a photo of a bunch of naked people gathering in a park before hiking out on bikes.  So it’s antifa, the fas, and the naked bike riders…

Bad scene all around, isn’t it?

* Hm.  A group of whites anonymous costumed behind hankees beating up a gay Asian man.  Brilliant job, brilliant job.

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