when the overton window shoves a viewpoint as not wrong, not naive, but beyond the pale…

1.  Seinfeld in the 1990s, exaggerating the reality of that moment, predicting the discourse of the future.

2.  As an aside, “alt right” (not that there’s any real clear definition of the term) power house Steve Bannon earns a share of the distribution for Seinfeld, so profits off of Seinfeld earnings.

3.  The anti-abortion (pro life if you will) movement in Ireland suffered a devastating blow at the polls recently.  We now see them retreated (or maybe always with this purview) where they put up inoffensive innocuous facebook ads showing a fetus image and the words “Choose Life”, which whatever else is floating into the “pro choice” rhetorical frame.  Facebook has blocked the ad.

4.  Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse was one of the few politicos who showed themselves well when Zuckerberg was testifying before Congress.  Abortion was the point he brought as censorish solutions come into vogue where the political biases of an average Silicon Tech worker may set their Overton Window where any dispute against Abortion is a demand for a Margaret Atwood Dystopia.

5.  A fashion magazine banishes the linking to a cartoonist from their domain, having discovered tweets that show his wife attending a pro-life rally and him showing her his support.  Mind you, abortion does not figure in any of the cartoons that would be slightly linked to the magazine.  Maybe they’re following the money pit and seeing that any possible pacycheck to him may trickle down to anti-abortion advocacy of some sort  (Be sure to turn off Seinfeld, by the way — Steve Bannon owns a piece of it.)

6.  Jackass politician sees he can make some political hay by brow-beating a protesting nun “praying for the babies“.   And I guess he’s right, for his constituency, who apparently will shove the praying nun with your James Kopp killer and the like.  The phraseology used against here is pretty fascinating — he’s exposing them for their slut shaming and on to some intersectional terminology.

7.  I’ve been hearing this smattering of a putsch from various people along the autism / apsperger spectrum, and downs syndrome advocates, and a few other groupings who pose challenges for parents raising, on what happens when their condition is spot-able in the pregnancy stage — concern that people who are like them may end up summarily removed.  This is usually predicted with a requisite insistence that “don’t get me wrong; I support a woman’s right to choose” and in certain corridors of political advocating, “we can’t allow this to be used a wedge for anti-choicers”.  And all this, maybe.  But, even weakly in terms of nudging and persuading, and even minor, if this is one’s concern you’re landing somewhere shy of a total “pro choice” position — see the “shaming” rhetoric.  But in a spot where that facebook ad on “choose life” is beyond the pale, this “ant-ablist” cohort is going to have to open some space that’s being closed to voice their problem.

8.  The movie Juno — if it were made today, would the anti-abortion advocate bit player be portrayed as sympathetically (if naive), from their pro-choice film-makers?

9.  Curious as Joseph Biden filters about the Democratic Party weather-vane–  Wanting to establish himself as someone who’s not the type who will be slipping into a suggestion that current felons should vote.  There’s a couple ways of looking at his move from support of the Hyde Amendment to opposition.  One: bow down to the realities of his Democratic constituency.  Two:  Listened to their concerns and adopted.  Nay, he won’t receive NARAL’s primary endorsement, but I suppose he won’t receive their fiercest of denunciations now.  Everyone else can proceed accordingly and stay or leave the Italian restaurant in Seinfeld at their leisure.

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