why try for the Senate when you can skip to a Presidential run?

Stacey Abrams has announced that she is not running for the Senate.  And she continues to eye the presidency.  Which is a shame, if you have any inclination toward the Democratic Party over the Republican party and have any inclination toward electing someone with top electoral experience into the presidency over someone who … lost a close race.

In the meantime, we’re getting into some odd gender politicking

When Wallace, though, played a clip of Stacey Abrams telling Hallie Jackson that she was not ruling out a run for the Democratic presidential nomination, Wallace said if anyone else joined the race, she would want it to be Abrams. “She’s an all-star, and and what she’s talking about seems to me something all the Democrats should be talking about.”
Then, of course, Rick Stengel had to cut her down and say, “Gee, I don’t know why she didn’t run for Senate…” MAYBE BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T WANT TO RUN FOR SENATE, RICK. *cough* Sorry.

Yeah, well…  Schumer may still be on her in recruitment.  Probably a little slyly.  Someone needs to want to run for the Senate, don’t they?  But there’s a suggestion here of “Don’t tell the Women what they can do!”, and “Break that Glass Ceiling” — where the idea of a double standard (did anyone tell Beto not to run?  Well… kind of.)

I note the closest analogy, at least for me, is West Virginia not elected Congressional candidate Richard Ojeda, enjoying the greatest jump of Democratic voting percentage from Republican (or was it Trump?) votes of any candidate in the 2018 cycle, even if it does land on a double point loss — who jumped into the presidential race.  My thought — “Can’t he run for Senate instead?”.  This does have the problem, of course, where his West Virginia Trump cross-over vote politics will not sit well with the Democratic Primary voter — even if he finds himself in an oppositional framework against Trump, it’s not the National Democrats’ oppositional framework, and the only way lots of Democrats will be able to stomache the idea of him is by pointing out “Hey!  It’s West Virginia!” — but then again, looking at Abrams’s comments (credits everything on Trump’s victory with ‘Russian interference’, basically) gives me questions about her.  Ojeda wisely dropped out, before the counting of candidates began, and I don’t know his future plans.

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