The case of Brian Sims, jackass enforcing a narrow Overton Window against reasonable protesters…

the “yoga vote” as meaning yuppie white women demographic, and the perils therein

Trump pivots to Biden on trade

un pc comment (perhaps?):  I see Tyra Banks is one of three cover models for SI’s magazine — wearing roughly nothing, as one of three covers in addition to the “burkini” wearer.  (Don’t know what’s up with the third)  So, the idea is they can be socially conscious with the “respectfully attired” Muslim model and have their cake and eat it elsewhere with the traditionally barely there bikini?  [“woke-washing”, they can call it].  The three cover strategy does wonders for their bottom line / political engaged strategy.

How the United States helped spoil a plan to end gang violence in El Salvador

new Sandra Bland video disturbs police narrative

one take on the Donald Trump “was basically shuffling money away” story.  (He’s bringing David Irving into the equation?)



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