Ron Paul favors Tulsi Gabbord

Ron Paul weighs in, and is throwing his support for the Democratic Primary to…

Tulsi Gabbord.  I think Paul may have once egged on Dennis Kucinich, so we’re around the same basic location with Gabbord.

Foreign policy — the non intervention — trumps economics.  I suppose age trumps some things, as Gravel’s program — well he did make a bid for the Libertarian nomination once, right? — though maybe Gravel’s Ron Paul’s second choice.

It does appear Gabbord pulled a bit of switching about on the score, though.  Wasn’t always “non interventionalist”.  Well, none of the candidates are purely consistent — and some are worse than others.  A funny article in the NYT tracks Kirsten Gilibrand — on “electability” — as she points to winning rural districts in the past.  Sure.  She came in as an ex-Republican turned centrist “blue dog” Democrat — and once making the leap to being selected as a state-wide Democrat made the natural changes to become a mainline Democrat who’s now…

Anyway… Ron Paul had a slight pull with some liberals during the Iraq War fights — we’ll see how many of the “some liberals” are about with various levels of commitment and hypocrisy.

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