today’s new york times articles

An old debate that predates computers (how much do you incorporate tv into the curriculum, and does the corporate forces that would give you Channel 1 have the best educational interests at heart?)  Willington, Kansas’s education system taken over by the Technological Overlords.   The kids stare at screens all day.  Theoretically are becoming technologically savvy, aren’t they?

Zuckerman builds connections!

May as well note this article about Israli ultra-Orthodox Jews and “technology”.  I’m more amused by the line of a subset of them who object to building Settlements or even a Jewish state, something that shouldn’t be happening “until the Messiah comes about”.  Interesting take, ain’t it?

Moving into the city of Aurora, a paroled former mass killer of something called the “Ripper Gang“.  I hasten to suppose that in the current era where letting inmates out and working against “mass incarceration” is a bi-partisan, if halting, issue that people convicted of taking part in multiple murders — even if they have turned to Christ in the meantime — will be a sore spot.  We are thinking more along the lines of drug possessions and the like, aren’t we?

And the right wing milias on the border, you know… helping out.  Appears to be a later story than the print edition, new developments — the man profiled arrested for about what you’d think as he acts the vigilante — doing the job until the government gets around to building the wall.




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