a dumb trump tweet here, and the emerging debate

“So horrible to watch the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. Must act quickly!”

It appears this tweet from the President was deleted.  Judiciously, I suppose, as it was immediately mocked, or corrected: “wouldn’t help.”  My comment upon hearing of Notre Dame’s fire — “Wow.  That’s insane”.  My comment upon hearing about the President’s tweet: “that’s a parody, right?”

Nay.  Of course not.

“I play this game in my head.  President Trump or President Bush –”
“Oh, you mean who said it?”
“No.  I mean, who do I prefer…”
“Oh, god.  Like it’s come to that point where we have that idea.”
“Because, most people right now would say ‘of course President Bush’, but… I don’t know — there’s some areas where I’m vaguely in some aspect in agreement, like –” (hobble to justify my premise) “, or at least in some understanding of how the voters in Wisconsin and rural Michigan voted for him.  And, like… some area of –”
“I understand”
“Some things with an isolationist foreign policy, for instance, if he could ever stick to parts of it, but… But then he goes ahead and blows it.”
“Look.  I’ll say.  Give me a choice Trump versus Bush and I’ll say — Obama, and leave it at that.”
“Or, I end up in accidental agreement.  Like, he comes out and says ‘send the illegal immigrants to the sanctuary cities’, and I’m thinking — ‘yeah.  sounds good.  as opposed to the ice facilities’, but then I think… no f— you for making me agree with you.”

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