Tucker Carlson.   Trump’s sabotauging his re-election bid.  The problem with this conspiracy theory is it was extent in 2016.  And look what happened.

Generally viewed as an anti-semitic meme — the “Dual Loyalty” card of Israelites and diaspora Jews … oddly a take off of it is a theme in the Israeli election.

Not.  A.  Real.  Animal.

Pat Buchanan hopes Biden can stop Bernie… and stop Socialism, which exists in places that aren’t Socialism…
Is the reason for Pat Buchanan’s observation that three men are leading the polls… media attention?
The problem with this poll is no one is going to counter it, and you know — unconcious biases persist

UK to turn facebook and social media into “safe space” fun land.

Matthew Yglesias ponders the 3 tiered Christian Conservative / Raunch Culture / Feminist alignments.

The Return of Herman Cain, and how the sexual impropriety allegations will play out as the Trump federal reserve board kicks into gear…



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