Pete Buttigieg versus Mike Gravel

Why is Pete Buttigieg enjoying a “moment”?  Well, he’s 0ut of Washington.  Theoretically, as mayor of a middle sized city, is “doing” some “things” “productive”-wise.

It’s a bit of what Howard Dean enjoyed against a bunch of Senators going into 2004, except there’s no central animating issue of the Iraq War.  Unless it’s a Maybe ambivalence toward the “me-too” movement and the weary castigations of the likes of “touchy feeley” Biden and a bit of a “sure, the new Supreme Court Justice is likely guilty, but I don’t want an investigation into my high school yearbook” for some of the female Justice Committee Senators in the race?

You may take the gender issue into a different direction, if you wish.

Also a good lunge against the bi-coastal — the horrors of the 2010 and 2014 mid-terms were that it affected a Democratic Party talking amongst itself in those enclaves, and so losing a grip on MIPAWI.  Does Buggigieg represent a geographic center of electoral gravity?

Is Mike Gravel enjoying a “moment” right now — or is the fact that a couple of youths set up a twitter account after hearing him on a podcast just argue that there’s a couple of youths who set up a twitter account after hearing him on a podcast?  (Ah, youth and their aversion to a full scale war against Russia, as suggested by post Trump elected liberal cable news outlet policy of MSNBC)…  He declaims any chance of winning, which… is a pre-requisite for winning.

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