the sometimes maligned scott adams pursues his comic strip politics

I think this Dilbert is inspired by that “MAGA” kid and the Catholic students facing that Native American… but the commenters here seem to be going all the place elsewhere, and probably not keeping tightly to the “notice I’m linking to the video” panel.

Previously we’ve seen Scott Adams come out in support of Fusion.  I note a line of the office-worker’s argument can be had against Dilbert is still viable even if you buy Dilbert’s premise — or, you can believe in the potential of Fusion but still hold that it won’t overtake everything in fifteen years.  I read a quote from a fusion advocate from the early 1990s stating the problem that if we had unlimited funds and a due date at the end of the century when the Aliens will be attacking — we’d be able to … come up with something crappy.  (Excess energy in, limited energy out).   The funding’s not the problem right now.  But that was then.  Probably nothing’s changed, except the reaching into the future — which is nothing has changed and everything has changed.
As it were, the argument “Why are so many people funding it then?”… is as invalid as “Thomas Edison had to keep failing”.  Unless we want to point out how highly esteemed alchemy was for even someone like Issac Newton… then again, lead can be turned to gold at about the same place as fusion is available at this moment.

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