reid and romney

It looks like Harry Reid has endorsed Mitt Romney for a 2020 run…

A number of ways you can look at this.  We’re in line with Bill Maher’s re-calibrated “If I knew what was coming, I’da supported Romney” revisionism.  We’ve got the two party duopoly and the interchange of a “Third Way” “No Labels” gambit, replete with the big .  Heck, maybe he’s wary of the “creeping socialism”, and is of that type of post-politicians who sought third party alternatives to William Jennings Bryan in 1896 or the Liberty League with the rise of FDR.

Or… maybe… It’s the big Mormon Conspiracy to take over America!

and then

That conspiratorial tome I was looking at a few months ago, prophecyzing the Romney Presidency of 2016… (and I think then the anti-Christ?) maybe it was just 4 years too early.

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