Bredesen is a Republican, so why are conservatives upset with Taylor Swift?

Conventional wisdom... and we gauge the purple states turn blue and the red states move further red for this election.

Tennessee:  Polls had shown Marsha Blackburn polling ahead of Phil Bredesen, where before it had been even – putting all this time (enough for the one “political forecaster that refuses to do toss-ups” to give Bredesen the inched edge).  It’s possible that the “Kavanaugh Effect” only revealed the numbers that were there already and would have been realized one way or the other — the twist here being that this one is the Democrat who came out for confirming Kavanaugh — and indeed, against Charles Schumer as party leader, and indeed is trying very hard to remind everyone that he was “The Best Republican Governor” Tennessee ever had…

(Seriously, I don’t know what makes him a Democrat.)

Which makes Taylor Swift’s support … all the more interesting.  And I suppose this is an elliptical way to address that matter…

For a lot of us, we may never find a candidate or party with whom we agree 100% on every issue, but we have to vote anyway.

Bredesen will now completely disavow the reasons that Taylor Swift gave for supporting him.

And maybe this particular drop of Bredesen in the polls is the result of the left flank disillusioned… and with that, that is Taylor Swift holding back up — and, cute headline Rolling Stone.  We’ll know that she made the difference for certain if Bredesen wins by less than 65,000.

Does Ivory Tower even have a meaning?

Arizona:  Democratic candidate for Senate… Kyrsten Sinema is getting in hot water for… exaggerating her Horatio Alger background.  A little bit different than John Edwards — not so much the son of a mill worker as the son of a mill owner — her story ends up being one where she grew up dirt poor but instead was claiming to have been dust poor.  Did the shabby gas station she lived in for a time have running water and a stove?
The other grand issue with Sinema is interesting… a one time Green Party activist, she now considers Joe Manchin her political lodestar.  Where did some anti-war flyers of skeleton troops fit into the picture, I don’t know… and, hm… well, it all needs to be blunt, don’t it?
All of which adds up to the old saw — it was Winston Churchill that said, if you weren’t a radical in your youth you have no heart; if you’re not an opportunistic weathervane later, you have no head.

Nevada:  Puzzled.

“If you look what’s going on right now in society, it’s an old playbook,” Rep. Rosen said in an interview with Cheddar. “When Sen. Heller photoshops my eyebrows, or they ask, ‘Why does a woman feel she’s qualified?’ Those are just very sexist questions, it’s an old playbook that they’re trying to use, because Sen. Heller specifically cant stand on his record, and so he needs to attack me as a woman.”

Hm.  Would they do this to a man?  Actually… maybe.

I suppose the obvious response from Heller is to make it the theme that “Representative Jacky Rosen is raising eyebrows”… on this and that liberal thingy.

Florida:  The race moves in a few different spots.  First of all, the two candidates are — reportedly — just boring everyone.  Second, apparently Charlie Crist is claiming that Bill Nelson is just getting too damned old...
Should go over well in Florida?

Well, youth and vitality and excitement are seen in the governor’s race… which is what’s going to have to propel one of the two senate candidates across the line —

Funny how a self published Ron DeSantis “tea party” book is getting played differently… see here, as opposed to here.

Worth noting:

One of the most disturbing claims he made in the book was that Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court justice, was wrong to suggest the founding fathers’ failure to abolish slavery in the Constitution was a fundamental flaw.

“For someone like Marshall, this failure overshadows the numerous and long-lasting political achievements embodied in the structural foundations of the government that have nothing to do with the institution of slavery,” DeSantis said. […]

If DeSantis had simply left it at the fact that tolerating slavery was essential to get the Southern states on board, he might have had a point. But for him to claim the Constitution somehow preordained the end of slavery as written is pure whitewashing, given that it took a bloody civil war to amend it to do so.

That particular point would be echoing the stated views of Abraham Lincoln’s — politically convenient and not those of the Abolitionists he was sliding into an electoral coalition.  For what it’s worth.

Texas.  Ted Cruz decided CNN not part of his strategy, not who he’s speaking for, gonna try for an “equal time” with Fox News?

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