capturing the political moment?

Now I’m just a white guy with not much interest in hip hop or rap, but I do have one observation to make here… Apparently taking exception to has been Eminem versus whomever MGK

Rap beefs are, as a rule, bad. The name is corny to write and even cornier to say out loud. Compared to feuds that shaped the genre – Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac representing their East and West coast factions of rap, Jay-Z and Nas warring to be the king of New York, Kanye West and 50 Cent’s album sales face-off – rap beefs landing in the headlines lately are more often petty and inconsequential. […]

That’s apparently the state of hip-hop drama in 2018 – fully-grown men accusing one another of suspect ear piercings. 

If someone were forcing me to have to pick sides and have a choice in which battle I’d be forced to pick sides in, I’d go with a tie for first place on JAy-Z and Nas and Kanye West and 50 Cent and Eminem and MGK… before I’d chose a side on the big battle between BIGGIE and 2Pac…

Consequential as that one is…

Something about a wanton murder turns me off from “picking sides” on aesthetics.

Meanwhile, The Nation covers the latest waves and the politics of the new taking over the old

Rico Nasty’s latest album, Nasty, dropped in mid-June, and it is nothing short of a declaration that it’s time for the existing order to be upended. “Bitch I’m charged up!” Nasty yells in “Bitch I’m Nasty”:

Bitches wanna beef, get you burnt up, I am the best, bar none
And I’m screamin’, “Fuck Trump! Black girls, stand up!”
Bitch I’m nasty, and I don’t give a fuck like, what is classy?
Smokin’ on cat pee and my voice is raspy
I know these hoes can’t stand me […]

Hm.  Okay?  The article goes on to diss Kanye West, who we knew would be undone by his odd comments favoring Trump.

But nonetheless.  Behold.  The new political voice of the generation.  And reading the lyrics it I’m reminded of something…

you know… if that’s speaking to the current Trump administration… it occurs to me that not enough has been said about how Akinyele’s song “Put it In Your Mouth” succinctly summed up the second term of the Clinton Administration.


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