on hearing alex jones on clyde lewis again, as i haven’t in a long time

Years ago, round about 2001 or 2002, I’d hear Alex Jones appear with Clyde Lewis and ramble on about the building of internment — or maybe even concentration — camps — across the empty space of the American West, where the big THEY will in the near future be holding patriotic dissidents of the New World Order.  Perhaps Mr. Jones had a premonition of ICE facilities with migrant / illegal immigrants but his vision was just foggy enough not to take note of details relating to skin tone.

Alex Jones makes for an ironic figure for a “Free Speech Martyr”, but then again you’re always stuck on hypocrisy as a lesser problem, and you’re never holding up the man/woman anyways as anything special.  It’s almost the point and not beside the point.  He literally petitioned the White House (Obama Administration) to deport Piers Morgan for the crime of holding a different opinion on gun control.

Lay it aside as you dice the scrambling of issues thrown out… I’m stuck on a repetitive mantra, where he’s throwing a few things out there and it seems something where he has a host of things listed for listeners to pick up at least one on depending on their political views and biases — how many times in the course of a few hours can he jam in “Judith Miller on wmds”? … a curious question arises — did not know Judith Miller won the Pulitzer, but apparently she did (or, part of the team*)… though not on her Iraq coverage… though… the muddled point still remains, if… floating in as a non-sequitur to not say anything about his controversies.

Reasonably decent points made here or there — once upon a time, a tirade about gay (or hermaphrodite) frogs, reportedly strung off of Democracy Now environmental distress story… a couple minutes clipped out of multiple hours spoken a day for decades… and…  see too the narrowing for whatever he has said on Sandy Hook… hey!  It’s one thing I had … briefly… and was it a guest?

Still a bit of shaky ground for “speculative” commentary for Sandy Hook truthism.  He will be on firmer ground when we get around to Parkland in that… there is a conspiracy we’re working off of… too apt to extrapolate into nonsense… the same few kids who learned some telegenic and media savvy tricks from working in the school’s drama department hooked up with some political activists to promote their gun control agenda/stance.  And, victims that they are, they are not sacrosanct and all knowing.  But then again, they’re not the ones suing Jones.

Clyde Lewis disappoints.  Maybe?  Or maybe we’re a ways away from the “Old Portland”.  It’s where he speaks of the voices you must continue to listen to … combating the NWO and eta al… a list that includes George Noory and Alex Jones (put them with Lewis into a special radio format, I suppose), and then Glen Beck and Michael Savage (each speaking in their own ways on the issues with their own points of views) and then… Lars Larson?

I suppose it would be more Rick Emerson who was mocking Lars, but I’m not hearing much from him other than standard partisan positioning of the type he’s otherwise blasting away on.  George Noory may have settled into something other than a kind of rival (I did notice he passed on well wishing for Clyde’s wife recently), but once upon a time Lewis would’ve blasted him as putting you to sleep.  As for the others…

… actually I’m stuck on Lars and only Lars.

I do have one theory on the likes of Alex Jones, and some of his conspiranoial compatriots, on their relationship with the current President Trump.  They’re behaving in the manner a lot of voting blocs end up behaving — Trump gives them a little attention — just a little, mind you — and they take it and give them a full support that overlooks or excuses some of what they’d otherwise be blasting away on.


* Wikipedia has its uses, and its uses include this.  But overall, tread carefully.

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