Rocky makes his rounds

This year, de la Fuente has run in U.S. Senate primaries in nine states without achieving success in any of them. So far in 2018, de la Fuente has been blown out in Senate races in California, Washington, Hawaii, Vermont and Minnesota. He is running in the Wyoming primary this week and in Florida next week with contests in Rhode Island and Delaware waiting next month. 

So.  A scorecard.

California, open primary.  He came in 9th in a field of 14, with 2.03 percent of the vote.

Washington’s open primary.  He came in 21st place in a much more crowded field with .34 percent of the vote.  Does this fall off from California represent a smaller constituency in the state or just a more splintered field — with votes being taken away by “Good Space Guy”, for instance?

Hawaii’s Republican primary.  Fifth in a field of seven with 11.41 percent of the vote.  Mind you, we’re now just talking one party, and the state’s minority party at that, so do the math and we may come down to California’s tally.

Vermont’s Republican primary.  Fourth, but “write in” tallies beat him.  4.04 percent.  Looking at the bright side, that beats Bernie Sanders’s first Senate race tally.

Minnesota’s Republican primary.  Fourth, with 5.88 percent.  (Was there any voter confusion with the second and third place candidates, Merill vs Rae Hart Anderson?)

Next up tomorrow… Wyoming.  Then it’s onto Florida next week, Delaware following, and Rhode Island — just to think small.

Can he do anything in any of those states?  At least top that 11.41, maybe?  The races seem set in stone, but if Robert Flanders can’t get 85 percent of the vote in the primary… well, that may spell troubles in the general!

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