unpc – ish entertainment commentary… maybe…

Crazy Rich Asians.  Shifting about for the inevitable backlash amongst the multicultural “Finally!  Asians as driving force” — not seen since Joy Luck Club

— and here, I guess, one Asian country is as good as another? —

— but never mind.  We are getting that “finally I see someone representing us” on the screen —

— but then the backlash… and the “Okay.  We got our rich Asians.  That’s… not … us.”  We’re not filthy rich!

What of the crazy poor Asians?

Once upon a time saw that with Will and Grace, to the promotion of the left political programs of “Free Speech TV” on cable access — a dykish black woman stands before the camera and rails against Will and Grace “That’s not us!  I’m not Will and Grace!”  (As in, this low budget program will fully cover the spectrum, and not just these white yuppies of New York City.)

Frustrating when one tv show or entertainment option has to carry the load, and the niche market for you hasn’t shifted into the mainstream mass option.

So, we have the “Asian” Dallas in our entertainment.   But we’ll only get somewhere when we get the more multi-cultural Asian Jerry Springer treatment… cover everyone.  THEN and only then will we see we’ve made progress.

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