and then there was that tcj interview… and that star trek episode… and some juvenile delinquency plot as first novel… and… dunno?

A couple decades back.  Kid (13? 14?) runs into comic book store, Mom a step behind him.

He says to the clerk.  “Okay.  I have $3.  What can I buy by Harlan Ellison for $3?”

Clerk says, “Er…? Hm.”

“Like, maybe even a poster even?  I just really want something from Harlan Ellison!”

Eventually the kid (and mom) leave the store disappointed.  The store owner apparently not sure what to do with that request.  It occurs to me later that I could throw at him a reprint of an issue of EC’s Weird Science Fantasy — an adaptation or maybe post-hoc attribute of a Harlan Ellison — sold for a couple bucks.  Whether it feeds the kid’s Harlan Ellison jonesing, speculative.

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