just playing to the Jesse Ventura constituency

So.  The Donald — out in Minnesota — makes a comment in shoveling a protester out of the arena…

“Was that a man or a woman? Because he needs a haircut more than I do,” Trump said. “I couldn’t tell! I couldn’t tell!”

Interesting to note the responses to this.  Cue the base, who I guess rally behind the insult.  Tone of the tartness here appears to be some “rah rah”.  (Interesting spin: it’s a slam down that the “Trump Makes” the protester “instantly regret“).
I see from some press out of Great Britain the headline moving to “Trump Mocks His Own Haircut“, which I will say is an interesting spin: ha ha the self depreciating wit of Donald Trump.  I suppose Trump supporters may well focus on that part of the comment — and does have the question: If Trump had just made a comment about his hair, would that have been newsworthy?
Perhaps not quite getting a good glimpse of the nature of the protester’s haircut, there is also some bit of commentary sliding Trump to the rallying calls of George Wallace against the hippies.  Surely the hippies weren’t really putting their hair up like so.
And moving two directions from the same basic line, and one fine distinction, we have a charge against the gender stamping — largely implication of a fit of homophobia and demand of heteronorms– of the comment and a charge of sexism/misogyny  (or, something to the effect of “Girly man”).

I want to make some other observation, even a false one.  Like, if you simply follow the train of thought from “was that a man or a woman?” with the conjunction “because” moving to why he’s thinking this question “he needs a haircut more than I do” — Trump is suggesting uncertainty on whether he may be a woman.

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