impeach yourself, america.

James Comey steps about and lands somewhere short here… in the “you lay in the bed you made for yourselves” token.

While many of Mr. Trump’s critics believe that the proper remedy for his perceived transgressions is impeachment, Mr. Comey insisted that would just “let the American people off the hook.” He said the public was “duty bound” to vote Mr. Trump out of office in the next election.

I suppose the reticence will always be about until we get tired of impeaching most everyone, and for practical purposes it would take a chunk of his voters to decide it is a thing that ought be done, but leaning into the premise… the words “Morally unfit” jump out as negating to the premise.  By this logic, Nixon –   should have stayed… lest his ouster “let the American people off the hook”… as too any elected President.  And only Ford can be impeached.

Actually, at this point in time, I have to wonder: a “pee tape” is released.  What exactly is the reaction that comes from this?

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