dots and conspiracy

The case has ever been thus, and a little confused.  As Counterpunch’s Jeffry St Clair mentions in the discovery of some Russian troll using that site, to promote shared political biases.

whether it’ s a (fired plagiarist) Jayson Blair story in the New York Times or a (controversial reporter) Judith Miller story in the New York Times

The mention of Judith Miller in the same breath as Jayson Blair gives his politics away, as does the particularly uncertain words in the parentheses give away the politics of the Portland Tribune.

Dots abound all over the place.  You connect the dots in a haphazard way and find… er… child sex traffic from a pizza parlor in released Hillary Clinton emails?  Or… Ahmad Chalabi passing on misinformation to Judith Miller to advance his political aims.  One or the other… or both.


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