a holes and s holes

Let the record show that on February 12, 2018, the New York Times featured the word “shithole” on the front page.

In previous administrations, they tended to censor presidents’ behind closed doors vulgar words.

Then again…

A question.  The one I don’ understand.  Why does Trump want an influx of immigrants from notoriously socialist Norway?  Or is the idea that the people fleeing Norway are the good ones, getting the hell out of Bernie Sanders ville?

One query about the Republican from Utah Mia Love… who in her defense of immigrants also somehow has to apply her true rugged Republican values…

They never took a thing from our federal government.

Sure.  I heard this one.  Ron and Rand Paul insist the same thing.  Must deny all financial services from gummint.  But…for all those immigrants fleeing the holeness of their countries… what?

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