the import of some guy

Hey!  Phil Bredesen is apparently running for the Senate in Tennessee.  Can he win?

Probably not.  Somehow I think a Democratic “wave” would stop before Tennessee.  Whatever figure pops in after Corker will surely be more electable than Roy Moore in Alabama, who incidentally barely loss anyway.  Even if he won a gubernatorial race in 2002 and 2006.  Apparently people don’t quite remember him, or will recall his Democratic values, or why you — woke or progressive member of greater America, would even care to go to bat for him.

Still, for the Democracy, it should be good for the simple reason that absent a retread old name… well, last time up it was all Mark Clayton.  (Or, I suppose, looking around the southern Democrats, you could go one step up — okay, in this case three or four — and over to Mississippi to Albert Gore — no relation, or if relation pretty distant.)  It is one of a step one in rebuilding a party — flush away the “voted for a generic enough sounding name” cause what else was on the ballot?

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