comparisons, comparisons

If we compare Doug Jones’s victory over Roy Moore in Alabama leading to a big Democratic year of 2018 with the Scott Brown victory over Martha Coakley in Massachusetts leading to a big Republican year of 2010…

… and one accidental Senator who’ll be ousted at their next election…

The Comparisons being tossed about.

It is worth comparing the unlikable candidates of the two electorates whom deep blue Massachusetts turned against and whom deep red Alabama turned against.  Matha Coakley had the unpardonable sins of being very wooden and disconnected — she lost because she did not know who Curt Schilling was.  Her adversary excited the white working class (then in the fallout of antipathy over such matters) by driving a pick up truck.  Such is what it took to find the limitations of partisan loyalty.
The Republican candidate in Alabama had the unpardonable sin of being accused of sexual misconduct with underaged girls.  His riding of a horse failed to stop the bleeding of support.  I suppose we’ve found the limitations of partisan loyalties, and at what point the electorate in Alabama will snap, if just barely.

Worth noting, as always: I imagine, oh — say — Chuck Schumer may have had consultations with Doug Jones on campaign strategy.  And if he did, he came in cloaked in darkness and whisked away, like a Trump aide meeting with Putin aide.

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