Ted Leo versus William Weld

So.  Ted Leo has a thing or two to say about William Weld.

The Hanged Man was written too early to be a response to Trump’s America, but one late addition, “William Weld In The 21st Century,” a poisoned ode to Gary Johnson’s running mate, tackles one of Leo’s biggest gripes.

“Look, William Weld seems like a nice guy, so I’m sorry to pick specifically on him, but he represents this standard of patrician decency that we sometimes as a country still look to for guidance. When, at the end of the day, we’re living in a time of potential death in the streets by racists and rolling back of every healthcare protection for women who need an abortion,” he says. “There’s blood at the end of this, and I don’t give a flying fuck about your respectability.”

A curious attack on someone who, after all, ran against Donald Trump as the running mate on Johnson, and at the end of the campaign even proferred the suggestion that you oughta go ahead and vote for Clinton.  (Maybe a little too weakly for Ted Leo’s taste?)  I suppose it’s a matter of whether you think the Libertarian Party ticket siphoned off more votes that would have shifted to Hillary Clinton or to Donald Trump, and then only in key states.  (The transplanted Californians in Michigan, I guess?)
As a model for who he wants to talk about — oh, I don’t know… Lindsey Graham? … William Weld just falls apart.

I don’t know.  I suppose Weld could’ve done what Lincoln Chafee did and move to the Democratic Party.  But then Ted Leo would’ve still gone after him, apparently.

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