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2017_11_27[1]  You know.  Looking at this New Yorker cover.  I don’t know that this really concerns itself with the latest litany of sexual harrassment scandals.   But, here The man is flashing in what appears to be the privacy of his own bedroom.  Why is a giant Betty Boop rushing past the airspace?  I suppose the flashing makes it bothersome — aimed at Ms. Boop as it were — a more convenient point in my argument for some “blurred gray lines” would be if he were just walking around nude.  Then again, he’s still probably expecting Betty Boop to be rushing across shortly, but this is happenstance of two parties — stranger in the night.

On Joe Barton… well, if you really wanted to see naked pictures of Joe Barton, I guess now you can get your jollies.  Shame he has to endure the horrors — should be able to sue, shouldn’t he?

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