no celebrity is safe as the culture war rages

All right.  Time to figure out what’s going on in the, quote in quote, “Culture War”…

The ACLU is defending the right to editorialize Taylor Swift as speaking for the “lower case kkk“, when one points to her fanbase in the, quote in quote “alt right”.

The alt right, of course, taking Taylor Swift as one of their own when they realized the true subtext of her frequent themes of bashing her last boyfriend — see, when she’s bashing her last boyfriend what she’s really doing is … um… bashing her last boyfriend?

Interesting enough to note that…
The ACLU of Northern California got involved after Herning told them of the letter. The organization has now put out a statement calling her post “a mix of political speech and critical commentary,” protected by the First Amendment. The brouhaha has led other culture writers to say they’ve received similar letters from Swift’s lawyers when writing about her alt-right fans and lack of political engagement in the 2016 election.
… might cause someone with a casual reference point on these things to say that Taylor Swift is a kind of litigation nazi.

(Larry David, in commentary over his latest controversy over an SNL monologue, is cited as — with the “Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld — creating the epithet in casual or trivial citations.  Even granting the qualifier of “practically”, I don’t think this is the least bit accurate.  On Larry David’s controversy — I think the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode on Wagner tells you where he stands.
Actually, I need to go check out 4-chan to see what the trolls of the “alt right” are saying about Larry David.)

Papa Murphys wants it be known that they want neo nazis to quit buying their pizza.  They became a cause of the “alt right” after the company speculated that their commercial association with the NFL is hurting their sales, what with all the kneeing and protesting and… um… mocked up flag burnings.
Damned it.  Now where is White Aryan Youth Jamboree going to get their pizzas?

AND… anti-abortion activists are boycotting Jim Beam because Mila Kunis donates to Planned Parenthood.  Yeah, well… what you need to do if you’re a corporation is have one set of political celebrity advertise to one part of the political spectrum, and another set of political celebrity to the other side.  Taylor Swift, apparently, might be the next endorsee?


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