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There’s this noxious “truther” logic on this, which strikes me as a spurious maligning attack on M.F….

A short time later The Oregonian/OregonLive received an anonymous email that included screen shots from a video documenting the initial encounter between the two men, along with claims that Fletcher was a member of Rose City Antifa, a prominent antifascist group in Portland, who had reason to “fight” Christian because of their prior meeting.

If I spot this right, some dolt dropped this to the Oregonian in an attempt to dig some kind of hole in his version of events, how he came to have his neck slashed when defending two Muslim girls on a Max train, and find some inconsistency or fault in his story and alternate reason for him to confront the man who killed two people on the Max train.  I suppose we’re dipping back at his defense plea in court, “Not Guilty of anything but defending myself from the violent assault of M. F.!” — a signal that he had personalized him to a new mortal enemy.

So they met before.  Or occupied the same space once.  Had a brief confrontation.  One shouting hateful rhetoric, the other juggling balls around.  Here he is in the same screenshot, see?.
And from here, we gather he’s a member of “antifa”.  Because… that joker clown get up that he’s wearing?  That’s how those antifa extremists dress in doing their dastardly deeds, right?  RIGHT?

(Turn over to the attack ad on special Congressional election candidate Jon Ossoff in Georgia where the Republican running against him used some footage of bandana-ed hoodlums and the line “He’s one of them”, and somehow I can’t imagine the clown get up making the political ad cut of negative images.)

No.  The man’s not antifa.  But, and, you know… like it matters.

Pursuing the comments section brings to mind the axiom “Never Read the Bottom Half of the Internet”.  And we see the strange whisps of victim blaming…

“Not exactly Rocky Balboa”.  A toss out of a call of warning to any “would be “Clint Eastwoods”.  Surely the two men killed on the Max train (one a military veteran and Republican) better fits his demands for buffness, and surely the two girls assaulted fit the criteria even less.

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