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One thing to consider

… on why we don’t see various Republicans leaping alongside Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard to cut off ties with Roy Moore…

50 percent plus a stray voter of the votes cast in Alabama don’t much care of Bill Kristol, George W Bush…

… sigh and sigh…

Ben Sasse,

… this commenting guy —

I am not an American so therefore I can’t understand how someone as stupid and bigoted (removed from the bench I think twice) could possibly be elected for dog catcher —

And once again, I wonder: why not elect him Dog Catcher?  What’s he going to do hay wire in catching dogs? —

… with a plurality beyond his base of support believing that something like this may be a little right, but the mainstream Democratic candidate he’s running against is too a little left…

… or… just too liberal for Alabama.  Equivalent.

Or maybe we’ll see.

I imagine either candidate would be finished at the end of their one (not quite) term, wouldn’t they?

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