fissures within movements

I’m sure you’re aware of that which is the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.  But reading about, I’m wondering if there’s some fissure within the movement — on when and where we’d need to get going.

And I’m not speaking of this…

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement seperates its followers into two groups, VHEMT Supporters and VHEMT Volunteers.
VHEMT Supporters agree that we need to stop breeding as humans are overpopulated, but do not agree we need to go as far as extinction. They believe we should all cease breeding until humans have reached a “sustainable” population. Meanwhile, VHEMT Volunteers see extinction as the only sure way to avoid breeding ourselves back to today’s density.

Anyways, I would argue that the “Population control”group is, by definition, not in the category of “Voluntary Human Extinction” advocating, even if their arguments coincide to a degree.

But go to this paragraph from the book American Nerd, by Benjamin Nugent, page 93…  Now we’re in the category of transhumanism, and negating the question of when a human dies off and when the robot takes its place…

…and it doesn’t even matter if Hans Moravac considers his “the machines are our progeny, and we shall be leaving them as our human forebears” thesis as parcel to “Voluntary Human Extinction”…

Would we have two groups of advocates for the cause… one when the fauna overtakes all human traces — see The World Without Us — and the other wanting to develop our machine progeny and needing to stave off environmental or nuclear catastrophe just long enough to get resilient or self-replicating machinery to dominate or at least hold sway on the planet?


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