next up, last up

So, roughly.  Rand Paul and Mike Lee represent the “conservative dissenters” in the Grand Republican Party — of the trio that might toss in Ted Cruz were him to have decided to throw some “Why — this is just Obamacare Lite!’ commentary into the health care thingy.
Jerry Moran and Susan Collins represent the “Moderate” or whatever it is effect, with Dean Heller coming it as “Moderate by deign of facing a looming tough election”.

Pulling from two different directions against Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.

John McCain’s health is the deus ex machina that ends this one.  And the President is, as he said he would be to, Trinity Broadcasting, deeply disappointed.

, and who now proposes a “Grand Blank Slate”.

I like this blank slate idea.  Maybe we can do it with everything that’s a complicated bureaucratic state — burn the flawed apparatus down and craft a new presumably less flawed being from scratch.  Call on the other party to “join in” because, hell — the something that will come out of it is better than a nothing, right?

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