the mainstreaming process

The National Review on the Alex Jones interview with Megyn Kelly — a staple interview  over the past decade or two on any talk radio show that wants to delve for a minute or two into conspiranoia (moving past your George Noorys and including, say, the “always wanting a kook on the air” Alan Colmes — though probably he lost the invite as the shared enemy “neo-con” Bush” moved to the not shared enemy Democratic Obama), and who is chummy with a gratuitous thank you to everyone for helping bring out the truth.

Did Mike Malloy ever usher him in for a spell?

As per recent events, as we get new attempts to redo the Sandy Hook conspiratorial train-ride, The Way it works in Alex Jonesland:  Mass Violence that can be traced to “The Right” is a false flag; historically mass violence that can be traced to Islamic militants has been false flag (9/11, obviously) but that may have changed, mass violence that is apolitical is a false flag, mass violence that can be traced to “The Left” is political terrorism.   (Curiously enough, this one appears to be an alternative to that theme, arguing the sides are being lined up for the war).

And at all stages it’ll be an excuse for the Powers to take your guns away.  (Oh, we need to deport Piers Morgan.)


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