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I see a flash on the teevee.  “Kevin Durant’s rode to a Championship.”  I’m vaguely bemused.  Here is Kevin Durant’s rode to a Championship.

He is drafted number two over-all to a team called the Seattle Sonics, which is a franchise that was recently purchased by an owner who all but announced he was moving it to Oklahoma City.
After playing one year for the Seattle Sonics, he plays a bunch of years for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  He makes and loses the Finals one year, has an MVP year, is injured here and there.
The Golden State Warriors narrowly lose the Finals after winning a record number of games in the general season.  Kevin Durant, not winning the Finals with the Oklahoma City Thunder, signs with the Warriors.  This puts them over the hump the next year.

The good news for fans of the Portland Trail blazers is that in that whole “picking Greg Oden over Kevin Durant” thing, the team has been exonerated, as Kevin Durant never won the thing with either the Seattle Sonics or the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I note a silly question from a sports radio show being telecast on one of those Sports tv cable networks.  “Should the Cleveland Cavaliers sign”  — and I didn’t catch the name, but the upshot is that it would be roughly the same logic as the Warriors’ signing Durant last season.  Which gets me thinking:  I think the Cavaliers oughta sign Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh — wouldn’t that make for an un-stoppable trio?

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