horrors of the day


An explosion that appeared to be a suicide bombing killed at least 22 people on Monday night and wounded 59 others at an Ariana Grande concert filled with adoring adolescent fans, in what the police were treating as a terrorist attack.

Ariana Grande.  The previous terrorist attack from an al Qaeda affiliation of Islamic Extremism in Europe… now being interviewed and having twitter feed quoteth.

Eagles of Death Metal.

No musical genre is safe.
Actually, I recall 1996, at the time of the Olympic bombings in Atlanta.  (By some American right wing terrorist).  A concert was being performed by… whom?  No one big, but it was in a way the most media attention they’d receive.

The other thing I’ve always pondered… the Orlando gay night club shootings of a year ago… the “Left”‘s focus was on the “gay” part, the “Right”‘s focus was on the “Muslim perpetrator” part.  (Even as only in that retro-active manner of how ISIS or al Qaeda groups claim everything do they have anything in effect here).  Who was more “right”?  I guess the one about him having military weapons on him…
Interesting news tidbits abound.  Just kind of curious, as I skip from one connector to another.
Ngo, 30, a lifelong Portlander and grad student in political science, says his crime was political incorrectness, not just what he tweeted. “Some of my past writing has been controversial on campus because of the subjects I’ve covered,” he says.
Those topics included profiles of ex-Muslims and pro-Trump students of color on campus.

“Pro Trump Students of Color on Campus”?  All 5 of them?  Is that “rare species of exotic floral” school of news coverage worthwhile?

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