fortress America and the big defense…

Well.  As some major newspaper op ed writer out there had it, as interpreted by the liberal anti-war op ed writer Normon Solomon, “The way Donald Trump needs to prove / assert his independence from Russian is by bombing everything.”

Regardless of one’s opinions on air-strikes on Syria, and on to a “very disappointed” Vladimir Putin —

The sidebar in the newspaper features the “split” Republican Party — with Senator John McCain, Arizona praising the thing and Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky damning the thing.
And the Democratic reaction is a quote, favorable, from Chuck Schumer, New York.  2 responses from various Republicans, one Democratic response.  The “Leader”, such as he is.  But then again, Bernie’s not a Democrat.

Meaning, the balance of forces that allowed guys like this to be taken somewhat seriously in some semi-bi- or non – partisan fashion through the past two administrations, but pulled ashunder at the dawning of Trump, is slightly re-balanced.

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