the battle of civility wages…

Protest and counter-protest.  The 4 chan revolt to stop Shia LaBeouf*’s anti-Trump video streaming website.  Imagine if they would tack their intelligence into pursuits more… intelligent.

When they had a good idea of the flag’s coördinates, a /pol/ poster who lives in the Greeneville area drove around and honked, hoping that the noise would be audible on the live stream. It was. Night fell, and the trolls used astronomy to further pinpoint the flag: “The faint star visible next to the flag is Polaris—it has to be since the other star is rotating around it in a perfect circle.”

On scuffles taking place at Greg Walden’s office, fending off old liberal activists with a new security detail made up of retired activists.

But the confrontation, which played out like an AARP-age spinoff of Portland scuffles between right-wing groups and anarchists …

Hm.  Or whatever the heck is going on in the Georgia special election?

* How’s his name movie-project, the adaptation of his graphic novel, Wilson?  Any good?

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