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One observation about Donald Trump and that there accusation that Obama had been wire-tapping him

… as per the revelations made by wikileaks release dump

It does show a concern for civil liberties, on down to the lay person  or lay political protester level, doesn’t it?  Theoretically…

Though more probably he believes in the pitfalls of the problem it with regards to himself and his goals.

Boredom circulates wild ideas that will land on partisans picking out their partisan winners of supposed “duels“.   With Hamilton — Burr, there was always a clear winner… at least of the damned duel if not the ideology behind the two combatants.
And we are back in the realm of “This is why people are voting for Trump” — the reality tv shows bowlderized our culture and made acceptable the behavior — , and a shaky yes, but… premise sets in.

On the coming of the “Ryan Care”, or “Trump Care”, or whatever it is called.  And it is, from the vantage point of the Tea Party figures out in the House, “Obama Care 2.0″ — or from Paul Krugman, “Obama Care 0.5″, take the central tenets of the Affordable Care Act and … half them?

Is it “Teh Socialism”.  After years of railing about the socialism, and getting the socialist threat up and running, anything and everything is.  But we’re back at a basic law of politics — this. is. the. testing. ground. for. the success. and failure. of the. president. who is. a member. of. your party.  What bogs him down bogs you down.  As such, the rule of getting the House on board slips away — sure, go away Thomas Massie.  And up to the Senate, Rand Paul already gave himself away in the Senate with earlier statements on “Republicans investigating Republicans”.

Why it takes 51 votes (or 50 votes plus Pence) to get this passed and took 60 states for the Democrats to get the ACA passed is a matter of whatforth “Reconciliation” wroughts.

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