nixon now

bushmissmething  I suppose the challenge comes in trying to make this message, the message of this sign, something of not a reality.  It’s a sign that, at the time it made news near the beginning of the Obama Administration begged the question “Is this… Pro Obama, or anti-Obama?”  It seemed to be readable in both ways.

I hate to say it, but Bush never slid to the realm of “Impeach HIM!”  I recall musing as his administration stumbled toward the end of the second term in a lame-duck manner of how we might reshape the government to allow a new president — one of the same party not connected to the current occupant — if his approval rating falls into the 30s for a sustained manner of time.

But he sustained himself and knew he was the most admired and least admired man in America… by dent of his position… and could persist accordingly.  It’s a low threshold of respectability the current figure in the White House isn’t able to rise to.

But that’s “Andrew Jackson” Democracy for you?

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