remembering alan colmes

Alan Colmes passed away last weekend. He presided over a strange corner of politics — the token liberal on Fox News, the “Fill in the Blank” that Roger Ailes had drawn up for the line-up to figure a “Hannity and Blank” Show.

As oft derided by the electoral left, he did have a rather engaging radio station (which was placed on at midnight on the late liberal radio station KPOJ, which shows how derided he was, really) — he liked to parlay into strange corridors of the political spectrum.  (Alas, he resided in Fox News land and so also had a habit of pulling in the Fox News land guests of the moment). I was curious to see if there was any mention in coverage or out in the Internets for what was the strangest of interviews.

Neal Horsley.

Who, telling of his decadent past that he’s escaped and grown in God away from… offered that he did anything that moved…

“Barnyard Animals?”

When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule.”

And so Alan Colmes is then playing the straight man in a bizarre comedy act, as his guest digs further in.

Neal Horsley asked to be invited back to… extricate himself from it all… so this one went on for three separate hours.

Anything out there on this moment in Alan Colmes’s career?  Maybe decorum and giving dignity to the dearly departed forgoes such a memorial mention, so we are left with this random comment floating out there.

And maybe we shouldn’t slide Alan Colmes’s legacy down to just that, but it is one thing that set him apart.

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