infotainment complex

I remember early in the Obama Administration, sitting through conservative punditry that took it as a given that the whole Obama Administration is failing, that the news media failed to “vet” him and now we have — a complete nincompoop and disaster.  It was something where the very act of proposing policies and making some attacks on some of his political opponents — see the self-sainted US Chamber of Commerce — was proof of this.

It’s maybe a reflex, and I strain to remain historically grounded.

Assume the worst.  How did he hold a solid approval rating, with a faint “everyone but Republicans” honey-moon.  Trump?  Not so much.  Why?  Well… part of has to do with… oh… acting presidential.  Sooner or later, every administration barks at “the media” in frustration.  Trump declares it the enemy of the people.

The People, beloved by Bane in the Batman movie.

And to be sure, the Trump Administration is successfully moving forward with … action.  At the What The Republicans are thinking on Trump point.  Beyond that, we’re in a realm of a continued cycle since the Harding Administration.  So much an issue, that it’s a libertarian argument against government watchdog agencies — sooner and later, we’ll just have the Foxes guarding the henhouse and — BLAMO!  Teapot Dome!

But you know… accountability is an issue.  November 6, 2018, eh?  A slight problem.  Here are the Senate seats up.  McConnell sits as Senate Majority Leader for this entire Trump / Pence term.  I suppose we’re back to a “50 state strategy”, down to the local state level… with the Democrats trying to figure out how to move beyond the city enclaves again.


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