the turmoil ahead in the body politick

One observation as what is considered the “Left” moves about in copying the “playbook” of the “Tea Party Right” as at the dawn of the Trump Administration as at the dawn of the Obama Administration.

And as we see some of the same basic tropes — some disruptions at town halls, Republicans crying wolf on “astro-turf”.

(Wait.  Is there a bizarro Koch Bros?  Sure.  But they just randomly pluck out Soros for the role.
At any rate, until they finally come up with a coherent following of some money trail, we’re back at the “You all Right!  We learned it by watching you!”)

You know one thing the “Tea Party” failed to do?  Stop Obama’s re-election.
Also you know one outcome we don’t really want?  Some Democratic version of Donald Trump seceding him.

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