“only doing what he said he would”

Interesting concept and retort being tossed out there… we see it as the sidebar “And here’s what the (concerted effort to get the perspective copy and so this is the thematic story being thumped out there we keep seeing) Trump supporters in forgotten red America are saying” news items … the Protesters to this President are protesting what the President told everyone he was going to do if and when elected.  As though this is an issue — that the president is exactly as we thought he would be in the campaign season.

Of course.  This guy only enacted policies in the manner he had campaigned.

bullconnorflip   And for that matter, so too this guy.

But, whatever.obamasmily

The “good news” for Democrats out of the Trump victory — the silver lining as everyone sits through four years of fairly horrible policies — is that the Democrats were unlikely to win both the 2016 and 2020 presidential election, and if you had to choose one, you would choose 2020 and all the redistricting that goes with what happens down-ticket.

But the problem is we still have to sit through four years of President Trump, and try to keep the Overton Window somewhere.

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